PUBG VS PUBG Lite.which one you should choose to play

PUBG VS PUBG Lite. which one you should choose to play

PUBG which stands for player unknown battle ground is the most viral game . so which one you should play? Guys i have played both pubg and pubg lite. So i will suggest you to play PUBG.

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Why i am suggesting  you to play PUBG? 

PUBG Update :

As i have played both of the game i can say pubg game has more features than pubg lite and pubg lite is not the final version. You will get most of the time update from pubg but you may not get updates from pubg lite as campared to pubg.

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PUBG VS PUBG lite features  :

In PUBG You can get three map which has different locations which will give you awesome  experience while playing PUBG but in PUBG Lite you can get only one map that is Erangel although it is the most preferable map but still you may try other maps of PUBG.

Customization of PUBG

In PUBG you can customise the way you want to play according to your wish i mean you can set your key according  to you. But in PUBG lite versions you may not get any options for that. you may get that features later. But till now you can't customise.

While playing PUBG lite you can get so many bots which will be easy to kill but you will be disappointed if you are a passionate gamer. At that time you will feel like you should quit gaming but if you play PUBG you will get very few amount of bots which is actually give  you great experience to play.

If you have mobile having good RAM i recommend  you to play PUBG but if you have low RAM 2GB or 3GB RAM you may choose PUBG Lite versions.

PUBG will occupy more space than PUBG Lite. Pubg lite is around 450mb and Pubg is 1.8 gb approximately and may be more than that. You have to download other two maps om PUBG manually also.

So guys if you have good mobile enjoy playing PUBG game if you have not. You may purchase a new mobile phone to play PUBG if you are good gamer and playing  for passion not playing to pass time like others. Otherwise continue  playing PUBG lite which is lite version of it.

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