List of WhatsApp groups link to Promote Your Blogs

List of WhatsApp groups link to Promote Your Blog

If you are facing difficulties in promoting your blog in Facebook you can promote your blog through WhatsApp groups.All you need is to do is copy WhatsApp Group Link  and paste It in adredsa bar of web browser and procped to join in order to Promote your Blog.

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Why you need WhatsApp group for promotion

Now a days so many bloggers are there . Many bloggers means competition is very high. While promoting your website in Facebook there is a chance of getting blocked in Facebook so all you need to do is promote your blog in WhatsApp where you may get large audience around 257 members in one group. Join one by one so you can gather many people to read your blog. So initial time I mean by starting of your career focus on promotion . It needs  dedication and hardwork and it's little bit time consuming... You can click and join any link which I have collected from different websites.
Please one request don't violate any law made their respective admin of WhatsApp group. Link are given below and join comment below your most favorite group and why ? And please never pay money or cash to anyone for promotion.

😊Technical Bishnuji 😊

😊Blogger Promotion By Technical Bishnuji (Admin Myself) 😊

😊TB Blog Promotion :😊

😊Free SEO Lists & SEO Ideas:😊

Guest Post:😊

Guest post & link exchange:😊

Guest Posting Services:😊

SEO - Tutorials,Tips:😊

Guestposting services:😊

Only Blogger Promotion:😊

Only Promotion:😊

 Blogs Link:😊

 Blog Link Sharing:😊

 Writing Articles:😊



Blogger Forum😊


Sharing Post:😊

Bloggers Hub 😊

😊Indian Bloggers:😊

πŸ‘ŒPromote your blogs:πŸ‘Œ

πŸ’Blog Link Sharing:πŸ’

 πŸŒ International bloggers🌏


 πŸŒ Blogger Group 🌏

 πŸŒ  Blogger Forum🌏

 πŸŒ Shareing Post 🌏

🌏 Blogger Hub 🌏

 πŸŒ Indian Bloggers 🌏

Blog Link Sharing:

🌏  Promote your blog:🌏

🌏  Blog Link Sharing🌏

🌏  Promote your blog:🌏

🌏  International bloggers🌏

🌏 International bloggers:🌏


🌏 Digital Marketing:🌏



Blogger Forum.:

International bloggers😊

 Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Updates:

Wordpress Group:

SEO Ready group :

 Digital Marketing

 Learn Digital Marketing- (Seo):

Note :you can join any group and you are responsible for anything happens to you. I mean if you give money to anyone for promotion you are responsible for  that. I don't own most of WhatsApp group.  If any link will not work you can comment that link below I will remove that link form here.
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