13 killer Tips to play PUBG and become a pro player

13 killer Tips To Play PUBG and Become a Pro Player  

Pubg stands for player unknown battle ground .The most viral game which has been on trending page.so everyone wants to play this game and want to master in it so nobody can defeat them so how to play pubg I will describe here so everyone can get the idea to play.

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1.while playing pubg in sprint mode I mean while running you should not hold guns and other things because it will slow you down. Putting them on your back will make you run 6x time faster.

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2. While you are playing pubg you should manually set everything. Arrange the the thing in a proper manner I mean the way you want to set the finger on your screen .Set everything reduce the size and increase the size of bullet firing  botton and maps and others stuffs in a such a way that you will feel comfortable while playing.

3.you may run without shoe not because it will make you run faster but it running bare foot can reduce the noise. So no body will understand in which you you are coming to attack.

4. The most important thing is don't go to loot the drop Alone. If you have four friends then three should go to loot the drop another one should sleep on the grass. First you should be confirmed that nobody is there if possible first throw a smoke and loot the drop in case enemies will came another team mate will tell you.

5.As it is a survival game try to survive till the end try not to kill everyone alone. Always stay with your team mate in between 100 meter so in case some one knock you down you can call them from getting help.

6. If you want to kill them all then you should think faster make planning faster take your favorite guns with full of bullets hide and fire on them. That does not mean that to go in front of them to shoot.because try not to loose your health as much as possible.

7.for emergency you can take health kit and bandage when ever need you can drop them for your team mate remember you have to win the game . Loosing one team mate can affect on your team so don't loose them. With your team you are more stronger than you  alone.

8. While firing you should try your best to point on the head of  your enemies and shoot. Don't think too much continuously fire on the head till they die.

9.Always turn on the voice chat it will be very easy to victimize your enemies as you can make a quick plan and spread all of your team mate to trick them.

10.while someone is knock down when you are helping your team mate you should smoke as it is highly essential or tell your team mate to crwal to safe place  where you can help. If enemies are there then don't help immediately first kill enemies around you then help that buddy.

11. While sniping you make sure there is no one near by you as while sniping you can understand who is sniping on you as you are laying down on the roof or ground.

12. While taking health make sure you are laying down on somewhere or you are hiding somewhere in a safe place. So nobody will kill you instantly.

13. Last tips will be keep practicing practice like beast so nobody will beat you in that game. Have faith in yourself consider yourself as best gamer without considering your enemies as weak continue gaming.

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