What Is Ransomware-And How To Prevent It

What Is Ransomware-And How To Prevent It

Ransomware is virus program use to take control over the victim's computer.Before attack you can access the files but after this virus attack you can't access your system.The Wannacry Ransomware is biggest virus attack in internet history

Intention of making Ransomware :

Ransomware virus attack locks anyone's system then user can't have further control over the system. Attackers were asking money 290$ in bitcoin to do the thing right.so their main intention was anyhow earn money by threatening people.

Attack of Ransomware 

Wannacry Ransomware attack reached too many countries more than 150 counties and approximately 250000 computers were affected with in few hour. it had stopped because microsoft had released some patches to close the exploitation.It's main target was college institution and other govt organization. It also target personal computer or individual

How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Virus :

1.It can easily attack earlier versions of windows like Windows XP, windows server 2003.But,It has less possibility of getting attacked by ransomeware when you are using latest version of Windows .I Recommend you to use Windows 10 latest version.
2.Turn on automatic windows update.
3.Turn On Windows Defender and Microsoft Firewall.
4.It can't attack MacOs, Linux, ChromeOs that's the best option as it can't attack these Os.

So Briefly I can explain it as follow. It's a virus program which encrypt important data of computer then ask money and when they get they will decrypt code to decrypt and access all files.

Still Now There is no solution of this virus attack.once system has attacked by these virus you have to give money as per their demand in bitcoin to get your system back.
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