How to make a viral video

If you are reading this post means you are an youtuber or any other video creator of any other Platforms,and you want to make your video go viral on the internet ;To make your video viral you should keep in your mind that this is very difficult task to do but not impossible can viral your video.

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1. Make Short Video

Are you making long video in youtube? Then you may not get views as per your requirements because many people don't have enough time to view your content they may skip your video and move on to next video if they get the solution of their problem in another shorter video.

2. Upload Time

Are you uploading you video at midnight ? if you have large number of audience then you may get views but if you have not gathered large number of audience and uploading videos while audience are busy then you may not get good view and if you will not get views then your videos may not go viral. So i suggest you not to upload any videos at night you may upload videos at 8:00 o clock. This is the Perfect time for many people to check mobile Phones checking youtube videos emails etc.

3. Video Promotion

Many Creators are promoting their videos all the time what wrong steps they are taking, they have no idea. They are doing biggest mistake here. if  they will keep posting their video everywhere then people may click on their video accidentally but they will not watch their videos they will skip the video and it will affect the videos and affect the audience retention.
so video will not be suggested by youtube. and video may not go viral. so, always promote your videos in right place where you are sure people are interested in your topic

4. Quality Content

your video quality must be good enough and your thumbnail must be attractive which should have something mystery which will force people to click on the video and because of quality of representation it will keep them busy in watching the video till the end.

Extra Tips :

I gave you suggestion by experimenting certain things i can give you the assurance you try many times by following this post your video will go viral one day. But you should consistently upload videos give your full effort towards making each and every videos.
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