What is CPC and How to Increase CPC

What is CPC  and How to Increase CPC

Are you feeling tired of searching like how to increase CPC? what is CPC?, why Google adsense earning is low? So don’t worry you are now on right place I will clear all your doubts regarding CPC (Cost Per Click) and why your adsense earning is low.

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What is CPC?

Are you familiar with CPC? Have you ever heard that word, if not then you should know what it is? Well CPC stand for cost per click. You can say how much $ you are getting on an average.
For an example:
If you get 0.05 $ when someone click on your ads that are shown on your website and another person came and he click on your ads during the time of reading your content and this time you get 0.03$. Now CPC will be (0.05+0.03)/2=0.04 $
There are so many other factors are also there which will decide the performance of earning of google adsense. Lets a take a example here
Suppose you get 10 click with CPC of 0.02 $ then your earning will be 0.2$. But if you get 2 click with CPC of 0.5$ then your earning will be 1$. So now you can see despite of high CTR Your adsense earning is low. So I hope here you will understand the importance of CPC (cost per click)

How to Increase CPC ?

Are you getting 0.02 USD CPC which is very Low as compare to others and you are curious to know how to increase your CPC. Now Lets The War Begin! Let’s find out the factor that could increase your CPC.

High CPC Keywords:

Not all type of content get same type of ads. Website to website displayed advertisement varies. Advertisers pay(bid)on more money on particular keywords so while writing any kind of topic you should pay attention little bit on high CPC keywords. I am not telling you to give your full efforts on keyword. Being a Passionate Blogger you should focus on your writing and at the same time keep your mind that you have to put some high CPC keywords.

Enable Image and Text Ads:

Some People don’t like to show image ads in their Blog. Are you one of them who like to see only text ads and get click. I would like to ask you one thing are you day dreamer? Frankly speaking if you want to get more clicks you should use image with text ads which not only give you good CPC but also Brings you more click.
For an Example I will give you task to click on image and text or only text ads ,Which one will you click? Obviously you will click on image and text ads there is less possibility of clicking only text ads.
Most of companies want to advertise by showing their band logo with their information etc. so instead of using text ads you should use image and text ads.

 (Use 720x90 ,336x280  and 320x100 banner ads.)

Reduce Accident and Fraud Click

I have seen many guys those guys somehow got approval from Google. What they are doing they are trying to click on the displayed ads on different IPs. They consider themselves as smart guys but they forgot that Google is smarter than them. Google can catch them and they will bear the consequence as a result in their website high quality ads will not be served. There may be another possibility Google will permanently disable their google adsense account. So don’t try to cheat google.
Don’t try to place ads in a such way that people will click accidentally.If all of your clicks do  not give you any benefits to advertiser then that will definitely impact your CPC.

Not Block ads:

Are you one of them who want to block Low CPC ads and earn More Money. Don’t think that you are alone who does so I am also one of them. But after doing lot of research I have reached at conclusion that we should not block ads. I can tell you why so.
For example you have new website that has approved by Google now it may served by low CPC ads if you block low CPC ads then Google may not find relevant ads to display ads. So my suggestion would be not blocking any kind of ads. Because Google itself says allow all kind of ads.

Try to Write Long Article

While you are writing about something you should try to write long article which may consume more times but it will give great result. When you write long content you will definitely put rich keywords so Google will serve good ads I realized it myself. I am experiencing such thing so I am sharing with you. Because when you write short content there is chance of not placing keywords so google may not get find out relevant ads to show on your website

Placing ads in proper way

Are you thinking like how can placement of ads can increase CPC? Then I can give you assurance that if you should place your first HTML ads in a proper place where it will get more clicks. It may increase CPC. First ads load fast so it has more possibility of getting high CPC as Google serve high CPC ads which loads first when will go down and down you may get lower ads I mean towards footer section. I am telling you this because of my best of knowledge because I have researched a lot before writing this article.


Sometime advertisers provide lower the price and sometime little bit higher so it fluctuates time to time. So you should not worry at all. At last, I want to tell one thing that if you are still getting low CPC then don’t worry focus on blogging keep writing keep going. Your day will come and definitely after few months you will get your results of your hard work.

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