How to Increase Blog Traffic (2019) -5 Killer Steps to get your Blog Noticed

why you choose blogging ? 

blogger is a free platform which allows writers to share their ideas knowledge with people of all over the world.Here you can share your views opinion thoughts and create awareness you can educate people worldwide.if you want to be writer,in beginning you may try blogging start writing here your post can be reach worldwide.when you will write good post unique content.people will appreciate your works.

Another reason may be you are providing product service or promoting them through the blog and earning money,may be you have an active adsense account which shows ads on your blog  and you are getting revenue because of advertisement.

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Killer Tips To Get Traffic to Blog

1. Quality Content Writing

People usually keep reading post when they find any post really interesting. it will only happen when you write quality content and provide correct information. so while writing content relating to anything you must do your research read many post gather knowledge information. consider yourself as reader. being an reader what attract you to read post what makes you busy in reading post till the last line? your answer may be vary from mine but my answer is post quality or writing skill. if you are not a good writer i am strongly recommending you to hire a good content writer.

2.Use Keyword Planner

Probably you heard about keyword planner have you use that tool if not then you should use that tool. while writing a blog post or making a youtube video you should use keyword planner to get ideas about various keyword you have to insert few keyword having lower competition inside your blog post in order to rank. you should find out keyword having highest search volume with high cpc and low competition.

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3. Writing Long Post

Are you not getting my point why i am suggesting you to write long post ? when you trying to say something through writing you should write in a such a way that people can understand properly so you should write without skipping anything so people will not be confused after reading post.
in other hands when you explain or write you can add many keywords in between your post which may rank.when you try to express your feelings or share your knowledge through short post. user may not understand properly they will read again and again same line and they will be irritated and leave your blog half of reading.

4. Keep Updating Your Post

you are writing about anything that may be relating to computer or internet everything is changing so you have to update your post so reader will be happy to find out fresh and updated content. That make him to bookmark and read your blogs every days. so always update your post accordingly things are changing.

5. Increase user engagement

when someone read your post and still he or she has any doubt regarding anything relating to your post he or she may ask their doubts you should give satisfactory reply to them. when someone is satisfied with your post and he or she is appreciating you by commenting something good about your post you also reply to them one by one which will encourage them to read your post regularly.

Extra Tips :

After following all above things you may focus on SEO which is search engine optimization if you have not heard what it is. it will be better to learn how to do seo. and you should know what is off page seo, on page seo and technical seo. to get organic traffic you should know about seo. you may read about seo. click here

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