Where To Get Ideas Topic For Youtube Videos

Now a days you can find so many youtube channels in youtube. there was a day when i was also confused i was thinking like why so many people teaching us in the internet without taking money how can they waste their precious time on internet.

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So Many Videos are uploaded on youtube in daily basis. so you might have confused about uploading ; which Topic to choose first and which topic to choose last.But after reading this Post your all doubt will be cleared.

Google Search :

while searching on google on particular topic you will see so many topic relating to that topic. you can get ideas from there and can select topic as per requirement.

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Quora :

If you are passionate about any field you can get ideas from quora that may be relating Health Technology, Science etc. you will definitely get ideas there.That is also best platform where you ask question and get answer. so when ask some question relating to your topic on which you made youtube channel.you can make a video on that particular question and Publish on youtube.Then You may share that link on quora to promote your channel or blog

Extra Tips

you are searching for a topic or getting ideas on similar topic means i can say you are author of some website or creator of youtube channel so i can suggest you to read news and read many blogs. update yourself by getting recent ideas information. best suggestion would be you can search a good website where you can get information on daily basis,
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