5 Common Mistake To Avoid - To Become A Successful Blogger

Now a day’s most of the people do blogging during the time of studying because it’s a best option for passive income. So if you are blogger or you are thinking to be a blogger please keep reading this Post so same mistake you will never do in your blogging career.

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Choosing Theme and Customizing:

While choosing Theme most of blogger doing same mistake again and again that is not choosing seo friendly themes.They always try to customizing theme and changing theme again and again. Which has a very bad impact for website? Trust me your website will not rank on google; if you change your theme again and again.
So choosing theme is crucial decision for blogger do it after so many research like you can go according quality, Seo friendly, and attractive looks. It would be better if you select a magazine theme.

     Quality Images :

When you are writing any Post you should try your Best to give clear idea about that particular topic. You should upload some attractive Picture or insert Picture inside Post. Which will be best way to catch reader attention? Many blogger doing such thing but image should be place in proper place. So as a blogger I am recommending you to post one picture after end of first paragraph.

Remember while inserting that Image, make sure you Placed that image in center with good resolution and High quality. You should not Post blurred image.

         Not Using Meta Description :

Have you heard that word “Meta description’ ? if not, now you should know what it is. Because it Plays Vital role in ranking your Blog Post. While writing a Post when you add meta description it report to search engine your Post is all about in which niche or categories or you can say which kind of post you have written I mean relating health wealth, money earning technology science or something else.

    Inserting Images Without Alt Tags :

While inserting image in a blog post you should make that image seo friendly in order to make it seo friendly I recommend you to use alt tags. It will be crawled by search engine crawler.From where you will get organic traffic. If someone search images relating to your topic. Your image will be shown their which brings them to your website directly through images. Most of blogger don’t know about alt tags. Frankly speaking even I didn’t know about alt tags ,after doing research I knew how important it is. So I am sharing with you.

    Not Using Custom Permalinks :

This things I figured it out by myself still I am sharing this thing as  many blogger also not using this. So when you write a post about any topic you have to set custom permalink.
For example I am writing a topic about how to get rid of acne problem. By default link will be like :
Yourwebsite.com/how- to-get-rid-of-acne-problem.html
But you should make it shorter to get ranked or make it seo friendly. It should be like
Yourwebsite.com/get-rid-of-acne.html . so always use permalink.

Not creating Quality Backlinks :

To get traffic for your website you should know what backlink is and how to get backlink. Many blogger don’t know about backlink as a beginner I also did not know what it is. I learned by following many post so if you don’t what it is you should know. Well many website offers to provide free blog submission backlink creator. Later i will explain it as it is big topic.

   Not Creating Social Media Page :

So many user are there in facebook,twitter and any other social media network.they are using it most of the time so in order to get traffic you should create a fan page. So everybody will see what post you have written mostly you can say they will get notification about new Post.

Extra Tips :

Now you get ideas about common mistake and which to follow which to avoid in your blogging career. Follow as I have told , don’t ruin your blogging career by doing the same mistake. And most important thing is don’t use copyright content. Don’t use copyright images and videos as you are not creator of the videos. You can use royalty free images videos in your blog Post.

Thank you so much for reading this Post. If you have any doubt regarding this Post you can ask me in comment section. Keep reading Keep learning
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