6 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

Almost all of us have Smart Phones and Most of Smart Phone user are using  WhatsApp. But do we use our WhatsApp with its Full Potential?
Most of user don't know the settings of it as they are not interested to know.If you are interested to know how to be invisible in WhatsApp? How to impress someone by sending text in Bold,Italic style? what to set your whatsApp so nobody can add you without your permission? how to disable automatic images videos downloading in Whatsapp that you are receiving unnecessarily.

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1. Becoming Invisible in Whatsapp

There are certain Settings that can make you invisible in WhatsApp.
first go to settings >Account>Privacy>
  • last seen > "Nobody"
  • Profile photo > "Nobody"
  • About > "Nobody"
you can uncheck the read receipts option so nobody can see whether you read their messages or not.

whatsapp setting technical bishnuji

2.  Highlighting Messages

Most of user only use default fonts that everybody are using but we can send various type Stylish Text. Few Examples are :
  • Bold
  • Itallic
  • Strike Through

  1. For Bold text you can use *Bishnu*
  2. For Itallic you can write like _Bishnu_
  3. For Strike Through you can write like ~Bishnu~
3.  Not Permitting Anyone To Add you Without Your Permission

Most of us hate when someone add us without taking our permission so we can here change the setting little bit so nobody can add us in a group without our permission.

So go to Setting> Account> Privacy> Group> set it to "Nobody"

4. Two Step Verification

This is the most important part of whatsapp. Because it can help your account to stay secure. suppose you have given your mobile to someone else or your friends there is a possibility, that person can register the mobile number in his whatsapp that is installed in his mobile here two step verification will help you. if you have already enable two step verification.it will be asked to verify while registering WhatsApp again. 

two step verification of whatsapp

5. Starred Messages

Are you getting too many messages and you want to save your important message of these message then WhatsApp Providing us new features that is starred messages.
Select the message which you think important and that you want to read later. Then click on star then you will find out that message easily.

Later you can find that messages in starred messages section.

6. Data and Storage usage

you have insufficient internet data. Then you may do these setting so that you can save your data. Go to Settings> Data and storage usage. Turn off auto download.

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