How To Make Money On TikTok

if you are college going student or school going student and you have time and you
want to to utilise that time to earn money then you are in right place. Today I will tell you how can you make money.

Most of us waste our time on using social networking website and playing games but there are so many people around us those are using their time in a proper way so they are earning and Getting Rich day by I will tell you a very good earning source where you can earn upto certain extent here I am talking about an Android application that is Tik Tok. if you are not familiar with this application I am telling you that this is the the application which allow creator to create their videos and upload that to it.It doesn't permit the creator to upload long video it allows only few seconds videos to upload or to create.So many people are downloaded this application from the Play Store and using it till now although it was removed from Play Store but now it is available nowadays so many users are watching videos hours and hours do you know what is the reason behind it because it only allows creator to upload videos of few seconds those people are creating videos they have to entertain within the the given time in order to get or followers. Now question arises here how how people earning through this application because there is no no option of monetization and there is no advertisement playing while watching video.

Then how they are earning?

1.Promoting brands

When a creator regularly upload videos he may get many followers now now he has gathered many audiences now he can promote any brand and can earn thousands of dollars depending upon brands.

2.Selling own stuffs 

Here you can can sell your own stuff by promoting through this platform and earn money Directly. 

The best part of of getting money from Tik Tok is is using lively which is streaming part by using this you can come that people will watch your video if they like they will send you emoji which will cost them.they have to purchase emoji and to appreciate your work. they may send you from which you will get money later

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