How New YouTuber Get Views Perfect Place to Share Your Videos

New YouTuber should not share their YouTube videos to any YouTube creator because new YouTuber busy in making there video. they will never ever watch your video so if you really want to get good audience retention as well as valid views you should share your video in WhatsApp group and Facebook group where audience are really interested in your topic. suppose you are sharing your video computer tricks and tips group .your video should be relating to computer

Now come to topic how can new YouTube creator get views while having zero subscriber then one of the possibility is when User search a video in internet or in YouTube he or she will get so many results in front of him or her but he/she will definitely view from the first result. now the question arises here, which video the user will get in the first page of search result ? definitely it will be e the video having good audience retention or better watch time at the same time user will get suggestion from the YouTube of the new creator and old creator on the video that you have uploaded and if user watches that video till the end then it will suggest to another few people and it will continuously suggest.
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