How to verify personal identity in Google Adsense

You are searching for Google Adsense personal identity verification. Luckily you know about Google Adsense. Most of internet user those are having website that may be created  in blogger or WordPress know about Google Adsense as a earning source although alternative options are there. After you reached 10$ in your account . It will notify you to verify your identity. So, here I will guide you how to verify your identity through voter ID , Pan card , Aadhar card.

First you take a clear picture resize and crop it without losing clarity. Information written over the card must be visible.

First open your Google Adsense in your web browser. Then click on notification. Then you will see an option to verify your identity. Click on action .Then follow the instructions. Then click on upload Photo ID. Then choose the photo you have edited cropped and resized with on open.

Then see below option fill up your name what ever written on card. Then write your address then city and postal code and state as per instructions. Then click on confirm info.

Wait few hours after that it will be verified. Please try not to put wrong information try to give exact information what ever written on your voter ID or pan card or Aadhar card.

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