How To Approve Google Adsense Quickly

If you are searching for approval your google Adsense account then you are on right place. I can assure you after reading this post you will not be disappointed your Adsense  account definitely will be verified.
Few years ago getting  approval of Adsense account  was easy now it became little bit tough task.
 If you read Adsense program policy with terms and conditions then you will not face any difficulties.

Content guidelines :

You should read what is content policies. You should not post adult content. you should not spread hate and violent content which will harmful to society.

How can you get Google Adsense approval in 2019 ?

1. Website design 

First you should focus on your website design. It should have simple professional premium template. That must be mobile friendly. It should be well optimized.

2. High Quality content 

We should write our article without stealing others creative post. We should write our own. If you are new blogger and you have poor writing  skill then you should practice  a lot and try to write better than previous post. You should give proper headings of a paragraph. That will be helpful for user to read and understand. Try to write in simple language so that everyone  can understand no need to use difficult word so user will not be irritated.

3. Create important menus

Your website should have menus like about me, privacy  policy, contact us etc.

4. Use custom domain

Many blogger are using domain like .tk .ga .ml which are free so getting adsense approval will be little bit difficult. I am strongly recommend you not to use free domain you should buy top level domain like .com .in .net . I think most of us can afford as you can get it in cheap rate.

5. Submit your website to google

I always do review  my website and read about webmaster tools guidelines. You should verify your website on Google search console then create sitemap of your website.

Extra guidelines :

If you want to get approval of your Adsense account quickly then i can suggest you genuine and high quality content having non copyrighted material ,well optimized  themes, mobile friendly ,
Website should have menus sub menus header footer.

Thank you so much for reading this post if you have any doubt  regarding Adsense you can contact me.
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