What is CPU and how it works

CPU stand for central processing unit. It is also known as processor central processor or micro processor. CPU also considered as brain of computer.

Component of CPU

There are two primary component of CPU
1.       ALU (Arithmatic Logic Unit)
2.       CU(Control Unit)

Arithmatic Logic Unit :

It is The Part of computer.it is used to perform arithmatic and logic operations.
Control Unit : it obtain data instruction from memory. Decodes the instruction into command and signal.

What does CPU do

The CPU’s main Function is to take input from peripherial (keyboard , Mouse, Printer) or Computer Program and interpret what it needs.

History of CPU :

In The year of 1970 , the first CPU was developed at intel with the help of ted hoff. First processor  released by intel was the intel 4004 processor.
Type of CPU ?

There are two primary manufacturers of computer microprocessor.
1.       AMD ( Advanced Micro Device)
2.       INTEL

A processor is used to execute a stored program instrustion which is given it to by user through input.
Cpu speed of executing an instuction depends upon its clocks speed or clock frequency measured GHz or MHz .More the clock speed more is the speed of computer instruction execution.
Register : A register is a small place which is used to hold data information of the processor.
A 64bit register processor should have atleast 64bit register and 32 bit register should have atleast 32 bit register.

Multi core processor :

Now a days , Computer comes with multicore processor .multi core processor means more than one processor in cpu chip
Multicore processor has low power consumption, multitasking and parallel processing with high performance.

Different type of multicore processor

1.       Dualcore processor
2.       Quad core processor
3.       Hexacore Processor
4.       Octacore Processor

Dual core have 2 processor and Quad core have 4  and hexa core , octacore have 6 and 8 procesor respectively. So octacore performance is better than hexacore , Hexacore performance is better than quad core and quad core performance is better than dual core processor.

CPU made Of:

Rawmaterial used in CPU is Silicon (25%) otherthan this aluminum and copper are aslo used to made. You can say CPU made of Sand called Silica in the form of silicon dioxide.

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