Difference between 32bit Pocessor and 64Bit Processor

A computer having 64bit processor  Can have 64bit of operating system and computer having 32Bit of processor can have 32Bit of Operating system. The major difference between 32Bit Processor and 64Bit Processor is the number of calculation per second they can perform. If it calculate more number in second speed of completing task will increase.

Most of The computer made in 1990s were 32bit Os But now a days computer comes with 64bit processor in which you can install 64bit Operating System.

A 32Bit System can access 2^32 memory address that is 4GB of RAM of Physical memory and 64 bit system can access 2^64 memory address. That is greater than 4GB RAM it can Support.
Now a days 64bit Processor Comes With DualCore Quad Core hexa Core, OctaCore. Multiple Core allow Computer to run faster its peformance will increase having better processor power.

Advantages of 64Bit Processor:

In 64bit sysytem one can do multitasking users can switch between various application without hainging computer.
Simply You can Say 64Bit Processors are more capable than 32bit processor because it can hold more data at once which can support more than 4GB RAM while 32Bit Processor Support upto 4GB of RAM.

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