How to Get Google Adsense Approval Within a few Days

Who doesn't know about google adsense now day's everybody know. But most of web designer do not know how to approve their website. So we will discuss about how to get approval of adsense with in few days.

Many countries like india pakistan Bhutan Nepal they have problem in getting approval in adsense. Minimum it takes six months.

But there are few tricks secert trick I will teach by applying this trick you can get approval in adsense easily.

Google AdSense approval depends upon

1.Quality of content

2. Length of content/number of post

3. Proper theme customisation

4. High domain name

1. Quality of content

You might have visited many websites followed many but you visit many times to those websites having good content. Which is easy to understand because if you use very difficult word it will be very tough to understand.

2. Length of content and Number of post

If you are writing about any topic it would be better if you do some research while writing having your own language creativity. Content must be unique

3. Proper Theme and customisation

You must customize your theme having each and every working link. Link must not be broken.

4. High domain name

Domain name must be (.com or .in). I strongly suggest you to buy .com domain not to buy .in domain although I have purchased domain name. Purchase a good domain name connect it to your website

After few days of making websites checking all these stuff what I have told after that you may apply for AdSense . Then you will be approved by Google AdSense.

Most importantly you have to write your privacy policies , cookies policies, Contact us Page etc

Many websites are there you have to sign up then you can generate cookies policies privacy policies etc by entering your website name.
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