How to earn Money at Home

You are reading this post because you are interested to earn money at home. Probably you are wasting your precious time on Facebook doing chatting with your friends replying to them one by one.

At the same time most of us use their time in proper way and earn money by using internet

Today I will tell you 3 ways to earn money at your from internet



3.Selling photos online

4. Selling stuffs online

1. Freelancing

Are you familiar with the word freelance if not follow me.

Freelancing means work with your you can earn money per hours or completing projects or you can say completing daily task.

That may be

  • Editing pictures on photoshop
  • Logo design
  • Writing 

2. YouTube

As we know YouTube is one of largest video platform where many creator make their own creative video and upload them to YouTube channel. And earn money by linking it to AdSense

3. Selling photos online

Are you a good photographer? And you are jobless don't worry you can sell  of your self clicked images.
You might have seen many banner ads in internet the website designer where taking photos. Practically if you see this is less possible for them to go and click picture so they purchase pictures from person like you.

4. Selling stuffs online

Suppose you have old crafts old mobile phones cameras then you can sell them in eBay Flipkart and you can earn money. You can sell your own ebooks also
If you have written any electronic book you can sell them here.
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