Best Mic For YouTube Beginners

When it comes to filming beautiful youtube videos. i am pretty much sure most of youtuber focus on video clarity or on mega pixel that may be 720p or 1080p.(High resolution). The most important thing they forget is clarity of sound. most of youtube channel fails due to low clarity of sound. what they say in videos viewer can not hear. so they leave the video half of watching.

so in order to grow youtube channel they should focused upon clarity of video as well as most importantly on clarity of voice. it happens because they are using low budget microphone. So i am strongly suggest you to purchase

If you dont have Money you are searching an attractive mic in lowest budget then you may Try blow one. which is at very low Price. being an youtuber as a beginner you may try 

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Thanks a lot for your sharing. Also found the article about free YouTube Video Downloader on VidMate helpful.