How to Connect to the Internet Using Bluetooth

Most of People Search how can they connect to internet through WiFi if they do not know how to establish connection between Laptop and mobile through Portable WiFi hotspot and its very easy to connect to internet than connection through Bluetooth tethering.

Sometime laptop WiFi does not work Properly due to missing driver or disconnection. Then we search for alternate solution.we can connect to internet through USB but problem is that we cant take USB most of time along with us. then we have only Few options. Either we purchase WiFi portable device or we have to Repair.

But the best alternate option is Bluetooth connection. in order to establish connection between laptop and mobile device.

Go to Your Mobile Device Turn On your Bluetooth tethering Then Follow the Below Step

Step 1 : Open Your Control Panel Click On Hardware and Sound

Step 2 : Click on Devices and Printer

Step 3 : Click On Add Device Then click On Next

Step 4 : Check Our Mobile You have to Follow them all as it says and click OK. Then in Computer Click On Next

Step 5 : Device will be successfully added to Computer then Right click on the Device and selection option connect using then click on access Point

Now you will see a pop up window saying Connection Successful. wait few seconds and Refresh the Computer..

See The Video Given Below 

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