Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

Many YouTube Channel has been terminated because their owner do not know How to Use Copyrighted material. So today we will discuss about that. So what is Fair Use Policy? Well fair use Policy Is a U.S law which allow every user to Copy Other People work without Their Permission Up to Certain Extent and that should not defame or harmful to owner

Fair Use Policy:-

1. You can take someone’s Video For Parody , Criticism, Review  and academic Use

2.Try To Take 30% of video Probably Not more Than that According To many YouTuber Point of View

3.You should Give Credit To owner of the video

4.Show Disclaimer on the Video

5. You Should add Some value on Video Such as Commentary on Video

If You are Reading This Article Means You are YouTube Creator So You Probably have watched many Roasting Parody Video They are Copying others work Without any Permission But still they  are Monetizing Video and Earn Money when They Get strike on their channel They Give some amount of money to creator if copyright claim come from owner side. Otherwise it’s fine.

In India it’s not fair Use its called Fair deal. Most Important Thing is while you are copying someone’s Video You should Give Credit to Creator and video that you have been taken should be small screen you should emphasize on your work that may be commentary on the video or video clip that you have made.

Fair Uses are U.S.A Based Law and they allow Creator to ridicule other but they don’t allow to abuse or Hurt Someone’s emotion. Now a day’s many Video Creator made their Content id for their Video which can be easily noticed 

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