How to send whatsapp message to all contacts at a time

Now a days everybody using whatsapp as most of people using Android Mobile Phone.. Like Facebook Twitter instagram most us of installing Whatsapp It became essential Application.. Because it Gives Us Features Including..

ü Group creation

ü Message and Post Forwarding

ü Video calling

ü Voice calling

ü Live Location

ü Set a WhatsApp Status

ü Change Numbers and Keep Your WhatsApp Data.

ü Message Delete From Both Users

     Previously we were Getting Unlimited Message Forwarding Option.But recently WhatsApp has been Updated It Gives us only 5 member to share a post at once. But  
     Still You can send Unlimited Messages
     So all You Have to do is You Have To Uninstall The Updated  Version  whatsapp.. Then You have to Download  a whatsapp App That I have shared ..Click Below to  Download.

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